Mob Evangelism

Welcome to the Mob Evangelism blog set up by members of The Light Project in Chester.

The idea of this 'Mob Evangelism' is to mobilise a maximum number of people across the globe to take part in a huge simultaneous announcement of the good news to as many people as possible.

The clock above is counting down to Sat January 23rd when at 5.30 pm Greenwich time, that's 12.30 pm Eastern time and 9.30 am Pacific time, a lot of people are going to share the same message with those around them. The message will be posted above on the day. If you are up for it then pass the message around and tell people to share it at 5.30pm.

You can tell a stranger, tell a friend, text someone, call someone, leave a post-it on a bus, write a card and send it, knit it, tweet it, face book it however you want.

Each person in the mob will tell that message of good news to someone around them who has never heard the greatest news about Jesus.

Wanna be part of this - Wanna make Jesus famous again - then join the mob.

Joining the mob just means being up for passing the message on and telling someone in the way you choose.

Feel free to post your prayers or encouragement on the blog below or contact the Light Project for details on the link below.

The Light Project - Passionate About God, Passionate About People – we have a heart to demonstrate and relate the most fabulous message of all time to our generation in a relevant and transforming way.

First of all, we run or have links with a variety of projects from homeless outreach to evangelism courses, from schools work to street art, from drama to youth clubs, from preaching to urban festivals and a whole host more. Secondly in partnership with The University of Chester , we deliver 3 unique courses -

1 year gap-year
2 year Foundation degree of Arts in ‘Community Evangelism’
3 year Bachelor’s Degree (BTh) in Applied Theology

These innovative and engaging courses explore Theology, the Bible and Contemporary Culture teaching students to identify spirituality in modern society and to demonstrate the Christian message effectively in relevant terms. The courses combine some of the most recent and exciting developments in mission and evangelism alongside regular hands-on experience.



Welcome to the Mob - I pray God will speak to people who really need to hear from him through this.